About Us


In 2015 I quit my job in NYC after ten years and moved to Roatan Honduras to design and build a Boutique Bed and Breakfast. What was planned to be a three month professional venture turned into a year long retreat living as a retired expat. With rents the cost of my NYC cable bill, dollar drinks, and only the beach to occupy my time, I was able to stretch my simple lifestyle a year long. I worked part time for an architect and helped small businesses with their online marketing and web design to supplement my NY lady spending habits. I got to travel all over Central America and the Caribbean for my visa runs, learned a new language, and met multiple soul mates from all over the world.  

This was the third time I decided to leave my roots and my career to globe trot, but the first time I realized that I needed to make this my way of life.  


One way tickets and a backpack